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Back From the Big Easy

New Orleans during Mardi Gras (or in my case....just before it). One of those life experiences that you have to chalk up before you die....

At least eating at one of New Orleans' restaurants is, in my opinion. And, boy, did me and the Tsar do that!

I'm back home, broke but stuffed and happy, and remarkably hangover free....which, considering all the martinis and hurricanes I downed, is a worthy achievement of which I will forever be proud. Livers and brain cells are overrated!

I'll leave helpful travel hints about that party town in my next post, I promise.

Thanks to all who stopped by in my absence and left comments. Maybe someday when I can figure out how to respond on Blogger, I'll post replies! In the meantime....special hellos to eLarson and trailing wife from Rantburg, and my ol' college buddy Snooze!


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