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Bring it, pendejo.....

There are times I really wish I had a ton of readers. Especially readers like the Mexican consul in Phoenix, or Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez.

But I don't. That could be a blessing, especially when I want to rant.

Courtesy of Rantburg, I just read something that made me spew my Kauai Blue Mountain all over my computer. Then it made me laugh.

Senor Derbez is threatening my beloved state of Arizona international court action over Proposition 200. For those of you outside Arizona, it basically states that if you are here illegally, you don't get certain public benefits, and state employees have to turn you in if you apply for them. If you want to vote, you have to show proof of citizenship when you register, and then bring government ID.

Somehow, this is a human rights violation.

The fact that Mexico itself requires a voter ID card to participate in their elections is not a human rights violation. Neither is the requirement to provide proof of legal residency or citizenship when you want to procure Mexican government services (such as registering your kids for school) or just get the utilities turned on.

For all the screaming that they are doing about this proposition, you would think that they are requiring putting illegals up against the wall and shooting them in the kneecaps if they are found.

It would almost be funny, if you could forget a few basic facts about Mexico.

Mexico is not a poor least, it should not be. It is resource-rich. Their policies regarding their own population are what keeps Mexico poor.

They have felt no need to change them.....why should they? 12 percent of their population has left the country to find work up north. That's according to the Mexican government. If they weren't sending money back home, Mexico would be about as well off as, say, Bangladesh. And all those illegals would be back home, possibly causing trouble for the idiotas in the Distrito Federal.

Hell, they even encouraged people going up north for work when they published a comic book showing how to cross illegally. IMHO, any government that would encourage someone to cross the southern Arizona desert has so little regard for their own people that they cannot be taken seriously. This born-and-bred desert rat wouldn't attempt that, even in the winter. Summer temperatures go well into the 120's, and I wouldn't be surprised if they went into the 130's. There's not a lot of shade, and precious little water to be found.

I remember when I was a little girl and the Tison-Greenawalt gang broke out of death row. The state police, the national guard, everyone was looking for them, especially old man Tison.....a royal son of a bitch if there ever was one. They never caught him. The desert did. When they found him, he was burned black by the sun. No lie. I saw the picture, and believe me, it didn't look like the bastard died easy. That's what the Mexican government has sent their own into.

They're trying to paint it as anti-immigrant. Not exactly. Tsar Charming is completely unaffected by it.....but then again, he's here legally. (Yes, I hate immigrants so much that I married a guy from overseas.) California Governor Schwarzenegger supported that state's version of our proposition, Proposition 187. I don't think he's exactly anti-immigrant, either. And 40% of Arizonans of Mexican descent voted for it.

Senor Derbez says that he is going to exhaust all of the legal avenues in America first. Big deal. I'm sure there's a judge here in Arizona (probably Pima County), to issue an injunction. The state will take it to the next level, and eventually it will get to the 9th Circuit Court. They'll uphold the injunction.

It will go to the Supreme Court. The same Supreme Court that has two Arizonans on it. One of whom happens to be the current Chief Justice.

Popcorn, anyone?


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