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TSA: Why does it hate us?

Or at least, Tsar Charming?

Ok, we figured that maybe his bag was picked out on the way to New Orleans because of the tripod in the suitcase he checked in. But on the way back, the ticket agent at check-in put the label with his name on my suitcase by mistake.

Guess which one got checked on the way back....right, the one with the mascara, lacy bra and girly shower gel. Not the one with the tripod.

It isn't the first time that something with his name was flagged for special attention by government agents. He ordered a computer online from Dell....and that box was searched twice. The Tsar hadn't ordered anything special, and it was all stuff that was available to any other customer from their website.

Is it some stupid way for the government to prove to a bunch of "activists" that they aren't "racial profiling" and only searching stuff belonging to guys named Mohammed?

All I know is, next time we check the bags through, we're putting in a little note for the TSA. Something like, "Hi guys! Help yourself to one of the Snickers bars while you're at it!!" We might even put some candy in there for them.....


  • At 1:57 AM, Blogger Slap-Happy said…

    They do it out of love.

    And, of course, if your a lonely guy working X-ray, which one would you rather see opened?

  • At 5:47 PM, Blogger Scone said…

    From personal experience, the purse containing all the good jewelry I had was the most interesting piece of baggage going through the x-ray. Note the emphasis on the word "had"; lonely guy, nothin'. He's got a ring of friends, I'm guessing.


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