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As if I needed any other reason to visit the Okavango Delta

Presenting.....the Honey Badger.

The what???? you are probably asking.

The Honey Badger, also known as a ratel. An African creature about the size of a medium size dog, that in a way resembles a skunk.

This seemingly innocuous looking beast has a few bizarre characteristics.

1) It will attack any animal....lions, wildebeests, you name it. It has no fear. And if the assailant is male, it goes straight for the nuts. Why mess around?

2) It seems to pal up with a bird called the Greater Honeyguide. The bird leads it to the hive, where the ratel, um, fumigates the bees. Beekeepers have reported stupefied bees at the scene of a ratel attack.

Ok, I'm easily amused. But someday, I think I want to go see one of these in the wild. If any of the readers of the Jet Set Chick have actually seen one of these (supposedly they are most active in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, and some place there called the Ngala Lodge has a resident pair), or knows of any other location where they could be seen, by all means, post the info in the comments. Or if you have been to Botswana, and know of other things to see or avoid, let me & the Tsar know that too.


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