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Airline News Roundup!!

It's official. My least favorite international carrier, Lufthansa, is taking over Swiss International.

British Airways is raising the cost of the fuel surcharge on their tickets for the third time in less than a year. Virgin Airways also announced they would raise their fuel surcharge today. Delta and Continental, however, are planning to rescind the price hikes they announced last week.

Prosecutors in New York are investigating the death of a man who died after fellow passengers restrained him on board an American Airlines flight last week. He apparently suffered a cardiac arrest on the galley floor. William Lee, who was described as "a very large man", demanded alcohol and ignored crew requests to sit down. When he pushed aside a female purser who told him he would not be served any more alcohol, seven passengers, possibly rugby team members, tackled him and held him down until the plane landed. Port Authority officers' attempts to revive him with CPR were unsuccessful.

But my favorite story of all....a Japanese 19 year old hijacked an airport bus and demanded to be driven to....the airport. Apparently alcohol was involved. Big shock there, right???


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