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The Iditarod Starts Today!!

They call it the "Last Great Race on Earth". This year, teams will be racing across some of the most hostile, yet most incredibly beautiful, terrain on Earth to commemorate the heroic effort to bring diphtheria vaccine from Nenana to Nome in 1925 (twenty dog teams covered the 674 miles in 27.5 hours!)

The race now starts in Willow and goes about 1050 miles to Nome. The dogs and their handlers will face below zero temperatures, occasional complete loss of visibility due to blowing snow, seemingly endless darkness, and rugged hills and mountains along the course. Most of the 79 teams are American and Canadian, but this year there are a couple from Italy, a few from Norway, one from Germany, and even one from South Africa.

I'm going to see if I can get my two lazy pups to watch the start on the webcam link I posted on this page. I've always had a sneaking suspicion that Alexa, my lab mix, would have loved to have been an Iditarod racer back in her prime....


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