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News From the Auld Sod

If you had a favorite little town in the ring of Kerry, let's say.....Veltry, for's now Ceann Tra. (No, I don't know if it is pronounced in a similar fashion.)

The Irish government has now started to remove English language versions of place names from official government documents and maps in the western parts of Counties Cork, Donegal, Kerry, Mayo, and Galway, and parts of Counties Meath and Waterford where Gaelic is often spoken.

Official Gaelic names will also be introduced for many locations where English has been traditionally prevalent.


A Filipino beauty therapist who was working on board an Irish Ferry route running between Wales and Rosslare has refused to leave the vessel. RTE broadcast a story about Salvacion Orge's working conditions and her pay rate of one euro per hour, and she was fired the next day.

Union reps signed the lady up and are trying to resolve the dispute on her behalf. The ferry is continuing to make the run while Ms Orge stays on board.


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