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The Shittiest Cruise Ever, Brought to You by the Dave Matthews Band

So there you are, on your Chicago River cruise, enjoying the architectural sights of the city, when your tour boat passes under the Kinzie Street Bridge. A lovely time, unless you took that cruise August 8 on board Chicago's Little Lady.

That's when the driver for the Dave Matthews' Band tour bus decided to do a little housecleaning. As in, dumping 800 pounds of human waste from the bus' septic tank.

The driver, Stefan Wohl, was just sentenced today to 18 months probation, 150 hours of community service, and a $10000 fine. He has since been "relieved" of his duties for the band.

The 100 passengers received refunds for their fare. None of them have suffered any lasting ill-effects, although several reported ruined clothing and messed-up car interiors.


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