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This STILL Wouldn't Convince Me to Fly Lufthansa!

Maybe some of you remember airlines like MGM Grand and Regent Air. They tried to have an all-first class fleet a while back. Neither airline made it, but now, after seeing some of their premium customers defect to private plane sharing companies, a few regular carriers are trying to upgrade service on a few select routes to lure them back.

This article from the Los Angeles Times notes that service has been uneven on the transcontinental routes that United Airlines has tested the concept on. Currently they are flying 13 times a week in specially modified 757s from JFK to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Fares start at $254 one way for "Economy Plus" and go to $2230 for first class.

International carriers trying this out on transatlantic routes are Swiss International, and my least favorite, Lufthansa. (Don't even ask.....I'm not trying that airline again unless there is absolutely no choice. I don't care if they've subcontracted the route to PrivatAir!)


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