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What's With the Huge Buttons?

Well, kids, believe it or not, the Jet Set Chick, notorious party girl and globe-trotting mixologist, has been selected to be one of Mind & Media's book reviewers.

I have a bit of a confession to make....I'm a book slut. Really, I'll read just about anything. When I saw Mind & Media asking for people to review Beyond the Shadowlands, a book about C S Lewis, I couldn't resist. I submitted my name, and here we are.

Yes, it's a Christian book. Yes, I'm a Christian. However, I have happily included in my circle of friends several atheists, some Jews, a Muslim, a Hindu, a pagan (even wished her a "Happy Solstice", much to her surprise!), and several other people who, quite frankly, I have no idea what they believe. If they want to worship citrus,'s a free country, and if you allow me to believe what I do, regardless of how crazy or irrational it seems to you, I am happy to let you do the same. Hell, I'm happy to let you believe whatever you want even if you feel the need to "correct" me on my beliefs (regrettably, I get that more from other Christians than anyone else).

Now if I could only get the stupid Books for Soldiers button to work, I would be a happy girl. Until that happens, it's listed under "Baggage Claim". If you have any books lying around, believe me, the soldiers, sailors and airmen would love to have them keep them company during downtime. Help make their "mail call" a little brighter....especially fellow "book sluts" in uniform far from a decent library!


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