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When a Five Star Resort Just Isn't Good Enough....

Try a seven-star one. I didn't even know there was such a category until I saw this article.

Amazing....the cheapest rooms have plasma televisions, a concierge to scatter petals in your scented bath, your choice of a lavender- or rose-scented pillow liner to encourage sweet dreams, and a chocolate "bouquet" by your pillow at night. But still, no damn soundproofing? For approximately $1825 a week?

I guess for that you need one of the Palace Suites for approximately $15k per night. They're so large you could literally get lost in one.

Still not extravagant enough for you? You better be a member of Arabian royalty, because that's the only way you can get into a Rulers' Suite. Even Bill Gates couldn't buy his way into one of those.

Go ahead, read the whole thing. The description will either make you envious...or sick.


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