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Why Not Travel In the Front of the Bus?

Lots of airline discounters will give you the best fares for a given route. But how many of them will give you the best first class fares?

This site doesn't just list the bigger airports, either. They've got the fares for places like Flint, Michigan.....Missoula, Montana.....and some other places I wouldn't be caught dead in this time of year (too cold!!)

Yeah, I know....first class is so expensive! Not necessarily....for example, I checked out the fares going to Philadelphia from Phoenix on one of my favorite sites, Cheap Tickets, leaving in a week. The cheapest round-trip fare was $498. Best Fares' cheapest fare was $698. You get an upgrade, both ways, for $100 per.

For that money, you get fed something that would look and taste like real food served on real plates, free alcoholic drinks served in real glasses, extra frequent flier mile credit if you are part of that airline (or their partner airline's) club, lots of leg room in a comfortable seat, a smaller chance of losing your luggage, and greater chance that you will be on a non-stop flight. Believe me, it's well worth the extra money to not feel cramped up after a cross-country trip. (It's cheaper than a chiropractor, ain't it?)

I'm checking this one out when it gets closer to our first anniversary. First class to Hawaii sounds pretty sweet!


  • At 9:38 PM, Anonymous cb said…

    wow. you could get paid for this stuff, like for a travel mag. too bad i don't travel very much. im kinda like the stationary
    set chick. could write about, oh my
    trip to the mailbox, uneventful except for the annoying terrior that tried to ravage my ankles.

  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger Kory O said…

    Hey, those little dogs can be vicious! ;)
    But thanks for the compliment! Maybe someday.....


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