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Bye Bye, TSA?

Believe it or not, the TSA has actually been on borrowed time since November 2004. That's when the agency's charter was scheduled to be renewed....and nothing has been done about it.

Of course, the fact that some senators ended up on the "No Fly" list probably didn't help. Or the fact that it's losing it's third director in three years. The employees stealing luggage or x-raying each other instead of luggage weren't one of the bright spots, either.

But don't tell Paul C Light, a public service professor at New York University. He considers them to be one of the federal government's success stories of the past fifty years. (Thank God I'm a State employee!! - editor)

That's the statement that really torked me off, to be honest. Quite frankly, if I behaved at my job the way I've seen TSA screeners behave at theirs, I'd have been fired a long time ago. I have never seen so many public employees go out of their way to win "Rude Employee of the Month" as I have at the airport.

Yes, I know....stress filled job, people's lives are at stake, blah, blah, blah. Honey, I've been there and I've done that, in more hazardous situations than an air-conditioned airport terminal. I've directed traffic in downtown Phoenix during the Diamondbacks' opening day, and when they were playing a popular team like the Dodgers or Cubs on a hot summer Saturday. No shade, 110 degrees, for two hours, trying to avoid the little old ladies who could barely see over the dash, and protecting the drunk pedestrians from going out into oncoming traffic. The only protection I was allowed to carry was.....sunscreen. As far as I'm concerned, if I wasn't allowed to get snippy in that situation, the pampered little twit who is enjoying his "power" as he rummages through my dirty laundry shouldn't be allowed to get snippy either.

I sure hope those little idjits enjoy their "power"....because, last week, a private company called FirstLine Transportation Security just won approval for liability coverage under the SAFETY act. What does that mean? Well....remember the old days when private companies handled airport screening? They could be back, starting in FirstLine's Cleveland base.

I just hope they don't offer the screeners the possibility of getting other government jobs when they get replaced. The remaining public employees don't need their special kind of "customer service skills".


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