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Living La Vida Robot in Phoenix!

When I talk about Arizona here on this blog, it's normally for things like tourist attractions to see or avoid, the weather, that kind of thing. But this article really is something you should read.

Usually when Carl Hayden High School makes the news, it's for something bad. Our local news ninnies haven't said a thing about the fact that just maybe the best damn underwater robot engineers in the nation are four undocumented teenagers who came over the border from Mexico when they were little kids. They beat a team from MIT, for Chrissakes!

If you read absolutely nothing else in the article, check out Cristian Arcega's answer to Tom Swean, the head of the Navy's Ocean Engineering and Marine Systems program as to why they didn't have a Power Point presentation like the other teams did on page 4.

And then, if you can spare it, click here to find out about the La Vida Robot Scholarship Fund. Yes, I know I have been vocal at times about why our government hasn't cracked down on illegal immigration. But, dammit, these kids should be in college, not in the fields.

I've ponied up $50. Anyone else out there willing to kick in some for these kids?


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    ima always say arrival of the fittest.... then I duck and go into serpentine motion.


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