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The New Zealand Prime Minister Had a Slight Turbulence Problem Yesterday....

(Editor's note: I originally posted this at Rantburg under my other alias, Desert Blondie, but a lot of people got the wrong idea when I used the title "NZ PM in Mile High Drama" bad!)

A plane carrying the New Zealand prime minister was forced to land when a door swung open in flight, causing a drop in altitude. Two police officers flying with the prime minister were unable to shut the door of the small plane, and held on to it until the plane landed at a nearby airport. No injuries were reported.


  • At 8:40 AM, Blogger Deacon Blues said…

    One does have to be careful on Rantburg. I liked the original title. I won't reveal your true identity and I must say I do enjoy your posts over there. I think they are well thought out and insightful.

  • At 10:38 AM, Blogger Kory O said…

    Thanks, Deacon Blues!

    I think a bunch of them know my secret identity by now, though. ;)


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