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Well, I've Never Been Accused of Being "Rational" Anyway

But then, I don't think that Mark Hatfield Jr., spokesperson for the TSA, would describe Rep John Mica of the House Aviation Subcommittee, of being "rational" either, after he described the TSA as a "Soviet-style screening system".

Look, I've been to the old Soviet Union. Twice. The Tsar lived there. Calling the TSA "Soviet-style" is an the Soviet Union. If they were still around, they'd have a hell of a defamation suit, IMHO.

But my favorite little bit from this article was a quote from Mr Hatfield. Someone must have whizzed in his Meow Mix before he came up with this sound bite:

``When the political posturing is over, rational people will see that American screeners today are the best we have ever had and that they are limited only by current technology and security procedures that are significantly influenced by privacy demands.''

Hint to Hatfield from another guvmint employee: Don't tork off one of the guys responsible for your agency's budget by insulting him. It rarely ends well.


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