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Brits vs Iranians in Airport Hissy Fit

from the ever reliable Arab News....

Iran's government, currently tired of or afraid of baiting the "Great Satan", has now decided to focus their anger on the British government for issuing a warning about traveling to Tehran's newest airport, Imam Khomeini International. They have advised their citizens to travel to the older Mehrabad airport instead, due to concerns about the runway conditions. The runway has been built over some ancient irrigation system called a qanat. Canada has issued a similar warning to their citizens.

Some Iranian politicians have decided that the real problem is the name of the airport, and say that nothing less than severing diplomatic ties with Britain is called for. Britain denies ever requesting a name change for the airport.

No proposed sanctions against Canada for issuing basically the same warning were called for by the politicians.

One carrier, Emirates, has decided the runway was safe and will start flights to the new airport shortly.


  • At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Cb impressed! said…

    Wow. That was very informative, Kory O. I think the Iranian's are feeling picked on right now.

    But they should make sure their runway is safe if they want international travel.

    But they feel kinda bullseyed at the moment so I can kinder understand.

    I never knew how informative airport situations were in regards
    to world relations. Just interesting stuff!

  • At 10:15 AM, Blogger Kory O said…

    Thanks, cb! I just didn't see anywhere linking to the actual warnings, so I figured....hell, why not here? ;)

    I'm sure it's all mainly for saving face at home. It's pretty embarrassing to have another country warn its citizens against going to yours, especially for safety reasons.


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