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Fly Me To The Moon, Let Me Burn Up That 401k!

A Canadian company planning to retool 60 year old WW2 German rocket technology and an Indian-American physician turned entrepreneur/politician are teaming up to offer rides into space starting in 2007. The joint venture, called PlanetSpace, hopes to launch the Canadian Arrow from the Great Lakes region.

(They aren't exactly going to take you to the moon....I've just been listening to too much Frank Sinatra lately.)

If you are interested, the fare includes 14 days of training for the prospective passengers. You will experience 4 to 5 G's on takeoff, which is more than the astronauts on the Space Shuttle deal with. The 15 minute flight will take you up about 70 miles, allowing you to see the curve of the earth, the blackness above, and a few minutes of weightlessness.


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