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Get Your Cheap Tickets from DC While it Lasts!

Independence Air is becoming known for two things....offering discounted fares from Washington Dulles, and for racking up an incredible $105 million in losses. So far.

Independence Air used to be known as Atlantic Coast Airlines when it was a code share partner of United Airlines. United tried to cut the payments it made to it's partner when it last ended up in bankruptcy court, and Independence Air was born as United's latest competitor.

Most carriers would be hunkering down after losses like that, but the 10 month old airline has just announced service to San Jose, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Grab those $29 fares to Florida while they last!!


  • At 8:11 PM, Blogger half said…

    ima been known to hit the bong from time to time, but i cant figure why 'en hell do airline consistently charge less per ticket that it costs to fly?

    snowcone cost 7 cents to make ea
    selling 10 million at 5 cents isn't gonna work.

    this isn't hard. net profit combined airlines since 1930? still in the red...


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