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2 Ex-Amateur Worst Pilots Convicted of Drunk Flying

Thomas Cloyd and Christopher Hughes face up to five years in prison after being convicted of being drunk in the cockpit 1 July 2002 while being taxiied at Miami International Airport.

The two tried to claim that they weren't in control of the plane because they were being taxiied to the runway,'t try that excuse in Arizona, or apparently in Florida, either. (I'm not completely up on the Sunshine State's laws, but here in AZ you can be convicted of driving drunk even if the car is not moving, simply because you are in the driver's seat and could theoretically be considered "in control of the vehicle". Using that same standard, the minute the two gentlemen parked their happy butts in the cockpit, they were considered in control of the plane. Plus, if there are other people in the car, it's considered aggravating circumstances and will raise your sentence beyond the normal limits, especially if there are kids.)

Moral of the story....if you are a commercial pilot and have just finished 14 beers with your copilot six hours before takeoff, sleep it off in the hotel room.


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