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Be Like Martha! Stay at The Big House!

This is one travel "trend" I really don't get. Maybe because I've been in a real jail, and know that they aren't a lovely destination.

Before you get all agitated, remember....I worked for the Phoenix Police Department, and was there as a translator for mopes who got arrested. I could leave any damn time I wanted and didn't have to post bail first. Jeez! What kinda dame youse guys take me for, anyway?

If for some reason you have always wanted to spend a night in jail, Sri Lanka has the joint ready and waiting for you. I had posted earlier about a similar hotel in Latvia, and I've heard rumors of others (including a hostel that supposedly was located in a concentration camp in East Germany.....but that one is just too horrible to be true. At least, I hope that's not true.)


  • At 12:13 AM, Blogger goofy328 said…

    I'm not trying to go to jail. Not to trying to visit Sing Sing, Attaca or any other famous jail, like San Quentin or Rikers. No way, no how.

    Wouldn't expect you or anyone else to visit me in one if I got locked up either.

  • At 6:54 PM, Blogger Kory O said…

    Hey, as long as I can get outta there without posting bail, yeah, I'll visit people there.

    I'd draw the line at bringing little kids. I saw that and it always just hit me the wrong way. No little kid should be there, even if it is where mommy and/or daddy is.


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