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Damn Commies Wrecking Travel Plans AGAIN!

Only this time, it's in Nepal. (Even Peru's commies wised up and decided Mao isn't cool, even if he did come up with a designer jacket.) The US State Department issued a travel warning on Friday for American citizens, urging them to put off all non-essential travel to the country, especially if you wanted to go outside of the capital city of Kathmandu. The UK has not issued a warning at this time, but the Australians have. Canada issued a warning for its citizens back in April.

Another country the State Department is advising that you avoid is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, currently enjoying a prolonged civil war, with occasional UN peacekeeper fatalities. The UK travel warning also highlights the Marburg fever outbreak along the Angolan border (think Ebola, but possibly slightly less deadly. Or maybe it's the other way around. I forget.) Canada chose to highlight the massacre of Tutsi refugees along the Burundi border. Australia has no comment.

The Jet Set Brother will be pleased to see he has a new reason to avoid Malaysia, as the State Department has issued a public announcement about piracy and kidnapping outbreaks in that country. (A public announcement is one step below a travel warning.) Australia, the UK and Canada don't seem to be big fans right now, but have not elevated their assessment of risk in travel to that country.

That's it from the Jet Set Travel Warning Summary! Now....go hit the road and have an adventure (hopefully NOT in the above countries, dahlinks)!!


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