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Kelo Might Hit Close to Home for Supreme Court Justice....

Normally I don't get much into politics here on the Jet Set Chick. I save that ranting and raving for other places.

But even someone minimally conscious has heard about Kelo v City of New London. To sum it up, very briefly, the Supreme Court has ruled that the local guvmint has the right to take your property under eminent domain if they can generate higher taxes through a different use.

(The old standard used to be they could take it if it was for the greater public good. Some land the Jet Set Daddy used to own was taken under that standard. Been to McCarran International in Vegas? Some of that land under the runways belonged to my old man.....once upon a time.)

In other words, say someone wants to put up a tattoo parlor/nail salon/malt liquor emporium where your house, the very same house that your family has owned for 100 years, now stands. If you don't want to sell, they can take it to the local guvmint types and try to take it under eminent domain because they promise to pay more taxes than you currently do.

And, oh, by the way, they may decide to just bypass making you an offer in the first place, since under eminent domain, they can pay less than the current market value. Back in the 70's, the value of my dad's Las Vegas land halved after the authorities announced they were thinking of taking it for the airport.

I don't trust the Phoenix City Council to make the decision in favor of the homeowner. Hopefully, you could trust your local guvmint. (Snicker, snicker, snicker.....look, I work for the state, I know what a lot of localities are like. Can you say bought & paid for? Sure, I knew you could!)

The Supreme Court has come up with some really boneheaded decisions in its day (Dred Scott, anyone?), but this has to rank up there with the top 10 stupid decisions of all time. I mean, hell, I never thought I would see left-wingers on the same side as Scalia! Scalia! And Thomas, too, fer Chrissakes!

Anyway....I just had to smile when I read that a private developer has applied with the Towne of Weare, New Hampshire to turn Justice David Souter's house into a hotel, claiming that the town will enjoy greater tax benefits if they turn that location into a commercial enterprise.

He swears it is not a prank. He really intends to do this.

I want to make a reservation, myself......the Tsar's never seen New England in the fall, and it is lovely.....


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