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Places to Avoid Going To if You Can....An Ongoing Series of Opinionated Reviews

Been a while since I did this, so, here's another little slice o' hell on earth: The Hotel Continental in Venice, Italy.

The above link is to the official web page. It looks pretty, but tells you absolutely nothing about the place. Maybe because it seems like no one likes it if they are forced to stay there.

Think I'm kidding? A Mr Joshua Friedman has literally dedicated an entire blog to how much he hates the place. That's in addition to the terrible reviews he has given to the hotel all over the internet, conveniently linked on said blog.

Yeah, it's easy enough to dismiss one dissatisfied customer, but Hotel Chatter's Hotel Hell has nominated it for the "Worst Hotel in The World".

Tsar Charming keeps saying we should go to Venice someday. I sure hope he doesn't "surprise" me with The Hotel Continental!


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