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3 Officers Shot at Sky Harbor

An unidentified man is dead after shooting up a terminal at Sky Harbor overnight. At this time, it is unclear if he was shot by the officers or if his death was self-inflicted.

The moron (yes, I am biased.....happens when you know cops and work with them for nine years) was originally spotted on the freeway driving a vehicle with suspected stolen plates. He led officers on a chase to the airport, where he dropped off a passenger before stopping and shooting.

Two of the three officers are still in the hospital, but are expected to recover fully from their wounds. None of the officers suffered life-threatening injuries.

Sky Harbor has been kind of interesting lately.....earlier this week some guy went driving around on the runway. The police are still investigating that incident.


  • At 2:34 PM, Blogger eLarson said…

    earlier this week some guy went driving around on the runway.

    "I think the heat's put the zap on his brain."
    -- Apocalypse Now


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