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Win a Free Trip to Paris, Courtesy of Paris & Paris!

This is a contest for all you cynics out there in the Jet Set Lounge.

If you think that Paris Hilton and her fugly fiance, Paris Latsis, aren't going to make it through the summer to nuptial bliss, you could win.....a five day first-class trip to Paris, courtesy of the NY Post.

Five first place finishers will win French manicures and Paris-inspired jewelry.

However, if their love is true and lasts all season, they will randomly pick entries to select the winners.

Bon voyage, baby!


  • At 2:10 AM, Blogger Slap-Happy said…

    Well, I would... but it's only for residents of Vermont, Connecticut, New York, and (I think) New Jersey.


    But at least I'll have the joy of reading all about the breakup in the tabloids.

  • At 8:54 PM, Blogger Kory O said…

    Yeah, but for now you'll have to settle for Jude Law. ;)


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