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EU Preparing to Ban Unsafe Airlines

Let's say you have finally scraped up the cash for a round the world dream trip. On one leg of this epic voyage, you find a smokin' deal on an obscure airline that doesn't fly to the land of the free.

Should you fly on Air Revoltistan, or pay extra to fly on a carrier that's part of your frequent flyer plan?

The EU, of all places, may come to your rescue when they start posting names of airlines to avoid on the internet.

Modeled on the UK's Foreign Airline Permits blacklist, the proposed site will list carriers to avoid when globetrotting. The UK currently usually lists countries that, well, leave a lot to be desired in their governmental aviation oversight authorities. Very rarely do they name specific airlines.

The EU, however, may go the extra mile and award carriers that pay particular attention to safety with a blue label. Expect to see most of the familiar names to end up here.

Until then....maybe you should skip any cheapie fare that includes a complimentary parachute.


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