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Help is Here for Cartoon Character Muggings!

Summer's slowly winding down, but there's still some time to load up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and head to the closest version of

If that's part of your plan before Labor Day, you may think you have to take out a home equity loan to make it happen. Theme parks haven't yet figured out how to charge your for the air you breathe....but pretty much everything else comes with a hefty price tag.

Check out this article if you are looking to keep a few bucks away from that greedy rodent & his ilk.

(Note: Yes, it's true....not a big fan of theme parks in general. The prices are way too high for what you get, IMHO. If there ever is a Jet Set Chicklet or Tsarevich Charming, we're taking them somewhere else their formative years. Like Washington DC or Gettysburg or London or Moscow or Hawaii.....yep, none of them are cheap, but maybe the kid might LEARN something.....)

I STAND CORRECTED: For those unfamiliar with the movie I'm referring to in the first sentence, click on the link. Rent it, and be one of the cool people, too.


  • At 1:23 AM, Blogger Slap-Happy said…

    I am shocked... yes, shocked, that you didn't link to the imdb or something for the Wallyworld reference. I'm sure there are people that don't get it.

    ***Separate comment***

    Or you could just let your kids loose on the internet. It's not exactly the same kind of education, but I am certain that it will be educating.


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