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Is It Just Me, Or .....

is life starting to imitate the Onion?

Consider these examples for your perusal, gentle readers....

1) Guess who's joining the Cindy Sheehan media circus this weekend? The Reverend Al Sharpton and a group of white supremacists.

They're not going there to protest her, or even each other, but to show support for some of her more ignorant, antisemitic remarks. No word yet on the transgendered Buddhist monks, trained seals, or Bikers For Jee-zus, but I'm sure they're coming soon.

2) The Jews have left Gaza, and the Palestinians have a new reason to bitch. Why, you ask? Because apparently the doctors on their HMO's had names like Shapiro, Goldstein and Fish. Not a single Abbas or Haddad among 'em. So, now they're getting ready to blame a possible healthcare crisis on Israel.

And the Jews have the gall to be reluctant to treat them anyway, ever since some bitch who was getting treated on the Jewish side for burns inflicted by her own kin decided to show her trying to blow the hospital up during one of her appointments.

Anyone out there know the Arabic translation for chutzpah?

and finally.....

3) The London Zoo has a new, temporary exhibit dedicated to a "plague species". Humans. Yes, you can spend big money to watch other homo sapiens mess with their iPods and apply sunscreen.

I am not making any of this up. Ok, maybe the part about the monks, the seals and the bikers....and maybe the Palestinians don't have HMO's....but the rest of it is beyond my powers of imagination.

My advice for this weekend: find a nice place to hide with a sweetie of your choice, flip between Fox News (for the wingnut perspective) and CNN (for the commie/pinko view), and get plastered. Maybe it will all make sense in September.

I'll dedicate this time to come up with a cocktail of the week. I will report on my research Monday. Till then, take care!


  • At 2:18 PM, Blogger DragonStormInAZ said…

    Why, oh Why do they have to call themselves StormFronters?
    --Dismayed former meterologist

  • At 7:34 PM, Blogger Deacon Blues said…

    The paleostinians are absolutely hopeless, caught up forever in the twilight zone of the 12th century. Connie the Short Bus Lady and I are going riding in the mountains, barring another earthquake.

  • At 10:46 PM, Anonymous cb said…


    hi Kory. I posted the human zoo
    story on freepers!

    i think they are looking at it from the angle-they should make
    them stay there forever so they
    can know how animals feel having
    to live in a zoo all their lives
    and be stared at like an animal!

    re palis:i think that all the arabs just need to get the hell outa the middle east. i mean. whats keepin
    them there? sand? that explains sooo much.


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