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London is Lovely in the Summertime......

Unless you happen to be one of the 70,000 stranded British Airways passengers at Heathrow.

British Airways cancelled all flights in and out of the airport after their ground crews and bag smashers handlers walked out in support of another union, whose members got fired from one of the carrier's caterers.

Qantas and Sri Lankan Airlines, who also use British Airways ground staff, also had to cancel flights.

It looks like the problem could get even worse, since the union representing BA's check-in staff is encouraging their members to stay home, citing disgruntled passengers taking their ire out on them.

So far, flights out of Gatwick and Manchester have not been affected.

UPDATE: Strike's over, for now. But the delays will go on for a bit longer, of course.

Finnair also apparently uses BA staff at Heathrow, so some of their flights may also be disrupted (I hate Finland, but their airline is a good one).


  • At 2:38 PM, Blogger Janet said…

    I was trying to make arrangements to fly to Carhaceveen Ireland for a family reunion this September, but the flights were just too spendy for us. I thought after the terror in London that prices may go down. But the prices remained high.
    What was the strike about in the first place, even though it's quite a hassel I'd be interested in what the initial strike was about. I'll look it up.
    I do support labor, and feel some strikes are necessary. Although usually by the time it gets to this point they've exhausted all other means of negotiations. I like to see a balance of companies making a profit, but also laborers being paid a fair wage, keeping safety issues, and insurance intact. If a laborer isn't working at the capacity that is expected that individual should be dealt with as it drags down the professionalism of the rest of the hard working labor.
    We must remember how important it is that community's keep happy folks in it. We do this by paying a decent wage so that they can participate in buying homes and products from companies, and also that folks have insurance. Without insurance which alot of say illegals work without, (legal as well like in working for Walmart) it drains the community using emergency medicaid. Also remember these labor folks are your neighbors.
    There were some awful nursing practices that were going on a while back that we as nurses almost went out on strike. We felt they were a danger the way they were operating, many of us didn't want to put our licenses on the line so to speak, being forced to work under what we thought were unsafe practice. We felt that it would be better to shut down a few units rather than go on practicing in those poor working conditions, but they last hour made the important changes that needed to be made. It's a shame that it has to come down to those measures, we were looking at being out of work which would have been hard on us as well.

  • At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I feel so bad for all those people that were stranded in the airport.
    I normally fly Virgin Atlantic. A friend of mine who works for Virgin sent me her employee discount. It's booked online and VA doesn't require an employee code so anyone can use it. Check it out.


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