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Now, How Did I Know Tempe Was Going to Like the New Definition of "Eminent Domain"?

Tempe is doing it's damnedest to win the title of "Arizona's Most Annoying City".

Banning smoking in restaurants and bars? Check.

Making waaaay too big a deal about providing benefits to domestic partners, but only after one of their previous mayors came out of the closet? Check.

Bitching about airline noise while campaigning for the headquarters of America West Airlines? Check.

Hopping on the Kelo bandwagon before the ink has dried? Sure looks like it.

This ain't a right wing/left wing thang. If the assholes who want the Tempe Marketplace concept can't manage to buy the current property holders out at fair market value, well, maybe they should try some other deal. Running to the City Council to do your dirty work for you is pathetic.

My Daddy had to sell property under eminent domain when I was a wee tot. That land is now under one of the runways at Las Vegas's McCarran International Airport. He didn't want to sell, but at least he had the comfort of knowing that no one else was going to make a fortune off that land. For all I know, many of you reading this have already been to the ol' Bar Z Ranch Norte and didn't even realize it.

Quite frankly, if I have to hear one more damn time about how much money some mega-mall is going to bring in, I'm going to lose my lunch. If retail jobs were so damn desirable, why the hell aren't all of these proponents quitting their jobs to work at Wal-Mart? Why can't their workforce get out of "retail hell" fast enough? And why doesn't Redmond, Washington and Silicon Valley tell the tech sector to pack their bags and hit the road.....Best Buy's coming!!


Look, I don't smoke, and could care less if two men or two women want to get married (go for it, brothers and sisters! Even if you're not doing it for love.). I think Tempe has done the Valley a huge public service by claiming Amateur Worst as their own. God knows Phoenix has enough image problems without having that albatross around our necks.

But for all their smug "superiority" over the rest of the Valley, one would think that they could come up with something better than yet another freakin' mall if they are going to take property away.

I swear, next time my plane takes me over Tempe, I'm shooting that town the bird. And I really, really hope that plane makes a helluva lot of noise going over City Hall. Bastards!


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