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Signs of Progress for Afghanistan.....Really!

We might just be turning a corner in Afghanistan. Check out this article in the BBC.

22 Afghans, including former mujaheddin, are now training to become mountain guides in Italy. They have passed their basic training, and even though they have a lot more to complete, they are hopeful that they can use their skills in a peaceful (and potentially lucrative) manner.

Afghanistan was becoming a mountain climbing hotspot in the 60's before the constant warfare shut the country down to tourists.

The really cool quote in the article came from Rohina, one of the two chicks in the group (yes, there are some women doing this too...very cool!!):

Three years ago, I couldn't even leave my house....Now I have climbed a mountain.

(Yeah, I choked up a bit about that. If there are any veterans of the Afghan war reading this, thanks for making this possible.)


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