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So, Who Owns The Sky Over the Jet Set Lounge?

So, let's say for some bizarre reason, you have built your dream home right by an airport, and NOW all of a sudden it hits may get quite noisy.

Ok, I know that's a big duh.....for most people. But every now and then, there is a genius out there who doesn't think about that until they move in.

(Editor's note: My favorite of all time out here in the Valley is a possible brain donor who moved from just outside the Scottsdale Airpark to right next to a landing strip in Chandler, then claimed he had no idea it would actually be used. Apparently he thought all the planes on the tarmac were there for decoration. I pray that he has no kids, I really do.)

You wish to cut down on the noise and vibrations, since, after all, you have an extensive collection of cut lead crystal and delicate bone china. Your elderly cat also startles easily.

Can you declare a no-fly zone over your house?

Or say that I wish I could declare a no-fly zone over the Jet Set Lounge for, say, Lufthansa flights. Can that be done?

Click here for the answer if you didn't know it already.


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