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Travel Warnings....Brought to You by Bodrum Airlines

Some of the English on this Snopes page would fit right in on the comments pages on some political blogs & Fark.

The difference is.....this was done by a non-native speaker. I make exceptions for that, but....some of it is still pretty funny. Even the Tsar digs it!

The idiots born here who have no idea about punctuation, spelling or basic grammar have no excuse. (I admit it. I have a personal problem when I see a lot of mistakes by a supposedly native speaker on those webpages, and can't help but laugh when they assume superiority over the opposite side when they have difficulty spelling anything that involves more than two syllables. Yeah...."da Man" is keeping them from making more than $7 per hour, and it's not their fault they live on Mama's couch. Fyght the power, d00D!)

Ok, end of Monday morning rant. I hope you are having a bright, sunny day, and it's the start of a great week.


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