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Worse Than the Average Dorm Room!

What do you call a tiny space that's about 49 sq feet in area, somehow has a toilet, shower, sink and bed, and is splashed with an orange logo?

I call it hotel hell, but in England it's called easyHotel.

What you get....the aforementioned space. You want TV? 5 pounds. Fresh towels and sheets? 10 pounds. (Shudder...) You don't want any of those "frills"? 20 pounds if you book early. Single occupancy, naturally.

And, oh yeah, no windows.

Book it early on the website and save! (Don't bother to use the easyJet website to book them...they have a deal with a competing hotel chain. Hmm. Not a good sign to me, but I am the suspicious sort.)

Perfect for Londoners with revolting in-laws! Soon to come to Switzerland, too, apparently. Get your franchise today!


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