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Death to Spam!

I have had to delete some comments off of this blog, not because they are offensive, but because they are spammers trying to advertise on here.

So, if you have seen some "comments deleted", believe me, you haven't missed a thing, unless you wanted to check out some downloaded music sites. I just wanted to stop them before it got to advertisements for live nude midgets wrestling with Britney Spears, or something like that.

That would be disgusting.

But live nude midgets slapping the crap out of Michael Moore or Sean Penn....that is art.

Besides, I ain't making a dime doing this and don't see why some spammer should, either. So if you want to leave a comment, there will be word verification afterwards. You can still leave an anonymous comment if you choose. I do read every one, even if I don't respond for a while.


  • At 10:53 PM, Blogger Ben said…

    I've had great results with the word verification on my blog. I hope it works well for you. Since implementing it about 2 months ago I've only had one spammer. He was obviously a human, not one of those computer generators either.


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