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Got One in Tennessee

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A University of Memphis student, here illegally since 1999, has been arrested and held without bond. Mahmoud Maawad had been using fraudulent Social Security numbers to attend school and open a bank account. He had previously been arrested for selling alcohol to a minor while working off-the-books at a North Memphis convenience store.

He also was very interested in flying. So much so that he had a pilot's uniform, a chart of Memphis International Airport, and a DVD entitled "How an Airline Captain Should Look and Act". Other items in his collection included the titles "Ups and Downs of Takeoffs and Landings" and "Airplane Talk".

Maawad stiffed Spotty's USA of San Diego for $2500 worth of aviation merchandise. Spotty's alerted the FBI, who started an investigation. Maawad was arrested on 9 September. The authorities are still downloading information from his computer to see if he had any links to terrorist organizations.

He is being held on wire fraud charges for the Spotty's USA merchandise and fraudulent use of a Social Security number.

It is not illegal to buy the items Maawad ordered, but Judge S. Thomas Anderson found it difficult to understand why he owned them and had no legitimate plans to stay in the area or nation.

The number of a "friend" who Maawad claimed was supporting him financially was disconnected.

Maawad would not be eligible to take flying lessons or get a pilot's license without a Social Security number.


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