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Gourmet Meals Over the Campfire, Anyone?

a tomato and summer squash saute that accompanied perfectly grilled quail stuffed with roasted fennel and sun-dried tomatoes, served on creamy polenta

And it all was prepared on a camp grill in the middle of an apple orchard from locally grown organic foods in California.

I've never done that in my own kitchen, much less out in the field. I don't even know if the Tsar would eat it if I did prepare something like that.

If the idea of lingering four hours over dinner sounds appealing to you, check out this article. Click there and find a way to go gourmet on your next vacation.

But I think I'll save my pennies for Coney Island's restoration, scheduled to be completed in 2009.


  • At 11:23 AM, Blogger Deacon Blues said…

    I am the First Seargent of Company B, 12th Tennessee cavalry Battalion, CSA and as such am in charge of the Company Mess. I cook over a campfire quite a bit. One of the company's favorites is chicken and corn chowder with grilled okra, yeast rolls, and black forrest cake for desert.

  • At 11:08 PM, Blogger Kory O said…

    Grilled okra?

    Isn't that the stuff you have to "de-slime" first?

  • At 12:14 PM, Blogger Deacon Blues said…

    If okra is boiled it is very slimy but if it is fried or grilled it isn't. To grill okra one lightly coats it in olive oil and places it on the grill, whole, over charcoal. when it starts to turn black, it is done and very good.


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