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BTW, I dedicate that song to Martha Burke. Yes, I saw the controversial NHL commercial on the local morning news. I am happy that women all over the world have achieved legal equality with men, especially women in Saudi Arabia, so we can attend to the deep problem of depicting a woman wearing a see-through shirt over a tank top helping a guy suit up for a hockey game.

I admit, I was offended by the ad. That sucker is cheesy. Channeling "Gladiator" or "Braveheart" is so 2002.

Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be torked about the chick not being in a baggy sweater, or that the chick ain't the guy's granny, or that she's comfortably on the attractive side. And after she's done, the guy doesn't even say thank you or take out the trash on the way to the ice.

My bad!


  • At 9:24 PM, Blogger muck4doo said…

    kant wayte fo hockey seesun. big sj sharks fan. mebbe ima see what em schedule looks like an maker me way to see em sharks an coyates.


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