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Straight From the "We're Just Making Trying to Fill Some Newspaper Space" Department @ Reuters.....

All I can say is, it must have been a slow news day for Reuters to spread some airline industry analysts' "What if Delta and Northwest merged?" crap.

Hell, why not merge it with the financially troubled Greek flag carrier, Olympic Airlines? It's pretty broke, too, relying on massive amounts of money from their government. Everyone has known about that for years....except, apparently, the EU and some journalists.

Way to go, media watchdogs.

But all is not lost on the strange airline news front, friends.

France has banned Cameroon Airlines flights for safety reasons on Friday, but then conveniently Air France began service today to....Cameroon.


I tell ya, it's a weird start for the week. Better break out the old DVD's to celebrate Fawlty Towers' 30th anniversary. (Hey, it's set in a it's sort of travel related.....)


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