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Want to Win a Honeymoon in Niagara Falls?

Maybe I'm feeling mushy because my anniversary is coming up....or maybe it's because eLarson is going down the aisle soon....but my thoughts are turning to old school-style romance.

Click here to enter and maybe win a five night trip for two to Niagara Falls. (Unless you hail from Quebec, then you are outta luck, mon ami.) The contest ends 30 September.

Looks like they pay for everything but the rental car, because of the dreaded "liability reasons". Round trip air tranportation provided by JetBlue, and five nights accomodation in some ritzy-sounding hotels is included.

Now, I've got to get my sweetie from Sky Harbor. (Long distance marriages may sound glamorous, but not when you have to spend precious time together in the baggage claim area. Yuk! I really don't know how some couples do this for years. Fortunately this will be over soon.)

Have a terrific weekend, and will post more here on Monday!

P.S. Happy Birthday to the Jet Set Brother!! (Yes, you cheapskate, you still are getting a present. Sheesh!)


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