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Where Are the Cool People Heading on Vacation?

Apparently, not Cuba, which has experienced a 50% drop in American tourists since 2003.

The Treasury Department, under the Bush Administration, has decided to more strictly enforce the embargo against US citizens who want to crash at Fidel's. 307 people were fined the first quarter of 2005, vs 316 for all of 2004.

Overall, about 108,000 Americans visited the island last year, vs about 200,000 in 2003.

If you still want to smoke a genuine Havana stogie on the Malecon, be sure to budget an additional $7500. That's the average fine assessed on a first-time embargo violator if the Feds arrange the "welcome home" party for you after your trip.

Or you could just skip the whole idea, go to first class to Miami, and wear this shirt instead. Looks like traveling farther south is SO 2002......


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