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Hmmm.....What Would You Do?

So, you see this really interesting looking job ad in the paper for flight attendants on a new "private" airline catering to the rich and/or celebrities. Or it's a job providing security for celebrities traveling on cruise ships. You call them and have a quick phone interview. You are then invited to a more in-depth interview out of town....say, like Turks & Caicos.

However, your "new potential employer" wants you to pony up half of the airfare, with the promise that they will reimburse you once you get to this lovely spot. It will be first class all the way once you get there, all on their tab. Supposedly they have been having a bunch of interviewees who just can't seem to get to a little slice o' heaven in the Caribbean, and they take your willingness to do this as proof you are serious.

Should you go wire them the cash via Western Union, like the friendly, very insistent interviewer is requesting that you do immediately?

Click here to see what Snopes has to say about this.


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