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I Can't Make This Stuff Up, Guys....

I've been having one of those days for the past, well, four days. Damn full moon!

I can't just veg and watch TV, either. I swear, every time I turn it on, I keep getting one of those damn childbirth programs, or Jerry Springer. Three more hours of this and I'd qualify as a combat midwife.

So, I turned to the Net. Gotta be some good things there, right?

Well...I think I found a truly frightening "wedding package", courtesy of Hotel Chatter. It's about halfway down the page right now. Me & the Tsar have decided to renew our vows every year, but no way in hell would I agree to doing this.

Trust me, boys, don't even think of marrying a woman who thinks this is her dream come true. You will thank me later.

Hotel wedding packages have been including exotic locations, extreme sports, and Elvis for a while, but a giant plush kitty? That is a first. The Daiichi Hanyu Japanese hotel chain has a new Kitty package.

The hotel's standard Hello Kitty package is a stuffed Hello Kitty bell boy. But if you happen to love Hello Kitty as much as (or more than) your fiancee, you can get both (fiancee and Hello) to lead you down the aisle.

Yup, you can order a Hello Kitty theme wedding package at Daiichi, which includes "Hello Kitty" and "Dear Daniel" character escorts for the ceremony, plus more Hello Kitty merch than you can shake a plastic paw at: ring pillows, place cards, bouquets--you name it.

Somehow, I don't think this is going to be part of the merchandise package....(warning, NSFW or little kids)

Or you could just go tradional "Elvis", as couples do in Las Vegas. All depends if you want to include "something feline" or "something royal".

If that wasn't enough to make you cough up a huge can check out the hotel's website to learn more (Japanese only....sorry, kids.)


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