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Political Correctness Gone Amuck, Or A Sensible Policy?

Children traveling alone on Air New Zealand and Qantas will not be seated next to a man, according to a spokespersons for both airlines.

The policy came to light when a 37 year old father of twins was told that he would have to change seats with a woman when the crew found out he was sitting next to an unaccompanied child. He moved but was angry about it, and now politicians are questioning if it is a violation of human rights and sex discrimination legislation down under.

Apparently the policy makers in question are unaware that there are several women sexual predators that prey on children....but I digress.

Speaking as a chick, anyway.....#1 - why do the airlines assume I want to take over some of the child-watching duties in an unpaid capacity? (I doubt they'd even give me a courtesy alcoholic drink, and with some kids, you need one.) #2 - does that mean I'm going to be forced to sit next to a bratty kid if I'm traveling without the Tsar? #3 - how come the guys get to sit in relative peace and quiet? That's almost worth being branded a possible perv.

I have sat next to kids on planes who were perfectly well behaved. I don't mind a little crying on takeoffs and landings...some kids, especially the little ones, can't "pop" their ears to equalize pressure like an adult can, and it does hurt. (Mom always used a pacifier or a lollipop with me & my brother to help at those times.....and I've rarely seen a kid with either one of those options who cried.)

A howling brat, on the other hand, is intolerable. And I just might not really feel like looking over a book or playing with the teddy bear that the kid next to me is entranced by.

Give me a discount travel voucher and the right to kick the seat if the kid acts up, and they may have a deal, however....


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