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Travel News Roundup!

Just in case you were still thinking of France in the fall, keep in mind that the following countries advise you to reconsider it:

*the Netherlands
*the Czech Republic
*the United States

True, they mainly say to stay out of the riot-torn areas late at night, but considering there are areas experiencing some kind of civil unrest scattered throughout the country......who's kidding who?

For those of you who were thinking about a lovely cruise along the shark-infested Somali coast, consider that it has lately become a hotspot for piracy. For the first time, an attack against a cruise ship has been recorded. The American liner, Seabourn Spirit, is believed to be the first cruise ship to be attacked off of the Somali coast. A crew member was injured slightly during the bombardment, which lasted over an hour.

And our final update.....

Iraq has resumed flights to Iran, cancelled ever since the war 25 years ago. Flights will connect Baghdad to Tehran starting on 16 November. The Iraqi airliner flew there Sunday with 65 passengers. Iran will not be flying the same route until "security issues" have been resolved.

Now, 'scuse me, but have to go check what will definitely be the "Drink of the Week" around here since the Tsar has come down with a cold. I call it "Heritage Denial Chicken Soup". Maybe more on that later.


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