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Well, Looks Like THAT Idea Might Not Work Out....

I thought I would kill some time until I get my next job by volunteering at the local humane society.

I don't think it's gonna work...but will give it one more shot.

First off, I told them that I am allergic to cats. I love to admire them (from a distance, naturally), but being around them is an ugly scene waiting to happen. So, after telling them this....what do they decide to have me do? clean the kitty boxes.

Thank God I took my Alavert this morning....

Then, after telling them I could only stay for fifteen more minutes (again, didn't want to push it with the allergy meds), this staff member expected me to disinfect a huge pile of animal carriers. I did three large dog ones before I had to leave.

And now I'm here, trying not to scratch my eyes out.

Anyway, I really can't bitch much, since I'm having a better time than an aviation attorney did on Christmas Day 2004. I'm sure the $3110 he won in small claims court vs. Continental will make Christmas 2006 merrier, though.


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