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easyCruise Takes Easy Potshot at Carnival

(Hat tip to The Travel Bloggers....)

If spending nights at sea in tacky ballrooms full of old folks is not your idea of a holiday then is for you! Any similarity with Carnival ships is purely coincidental.


So says an ad in the Miami Herald, anyway. But the catfight gets even better...

The ad reignited a public feud between easyCruise and Carnival that erupted this summer when Haji-Ioannou called the Costa Magica's decor ''tacky'' on Sky TV. Carnival's chairman and chief executive, Micky Arison, fired off an angry e-mail chastising Haji--Ioannou, noting, ``Although, based on what I've seen of your ship, you're an expert on what's tacky.''

On that note, well....Arison's got a valid point. Consider the easyCruise....a boat with a garishly orange logo splashed on the side, no portholes, meals not included, the only "activities" a six person hot tub and a bar. And, oh yeah, cabin cleaning is extra.

However, it starts at $24 a night double occupancy, the boat goes during the night so you can party on shore, and you only have to stay on the tub for a two night minimum.

Maybe I should see if Sparkle Girl would be up for this hostel at sea....I don't think I could talk the Tsar into it....


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