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Forget Christmas....

St Valentine's Day is coming up in a couple of months. You got a sweetie? Maybe you might just want to hit the road if the answer is no....

Don't give me "travel romances never work out", either. The Tsar was on a temporary work visa when we met, and we're coming up on our second Christmas together in ten days. (It's also our 1 and 1/4 anniversary....awww.....)

Even if it doesn't last a lifetime, well....maybe you will always remember that foreign destination with a big ol' smile for years afterwards. That is not a bad thing, my friends, oh no! There's two reasons I still fondly remember Bimini and Costa Rica.

I know that's all fine and good, but you want real advice whether it's looking for forever or just for a pleasant week. Information about where the odds favor you is also good to know. Fair enough. Check out this article from the Sydney Morning Herald, and make those reservations now. Some of the best locations don't even require Americans to get a passport.

Personally, I'm thinking about encouraging my maid of honor to go to Ireland in September, if she ever gets rid of that pathetic wack job who stood the Tsar up as his best man. I still have this thing for brogues, and that's all I'm sayin'. ;)

And, DragonStorm, remember that conversation about where to move? The Virgin Islands has some good diving...


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