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That's Dyadya Tsar and Tyotya Kory to You!

This Christmas brought two surprises.

1) I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding, and

2) I'm going to be an aunt. A real, genetically linked aunt, not just "my buddy's having a critter" kind of aunt.

The wedding's tentatively in February, and my new niece or nephew is going to make a splashy debut sometime in September. I hope it's the 17th, since that's when the daddy's birthday is, or on the 25th, since that's mine & the Tsar's anniversary.

The Tsar is tickled, too. This is the fourth little bundle we've heard about since April. (We also just found out that an old friend of mine's wife is having their first daughter any time now in Okinawa. She's in the specialty hospital there for pre-eclampsia, but is doing well, thankfully!)

In any event, this little girl or guy already has $5 for the college fund, courtesy of the Jet Set College Scholarship Program (aka Kory O & the Tsar).

Now, for the first time in my life, I actually have to get one of those weird looking dresses I'll never wear again. My little brother's worth it, though.

I hope this holiday season brought you some wonderful surprises and good news, too!


  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger eLarson said…

    Great news!

    I had to double-back on the headline though--I thought for sure it said Toyota. That's what I get for not wearing my glasses.


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